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AL-Continuous Melting Holding Furnace


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연속 용해 보온로(AL-Continuous Melting & Holding Furnace)

  • It is designed very compact with composition of aluminum melting, pre-heating chamber with
    optimum temperature holding, melting chamber, temperature holding chamber, and pouring melting iron chamber.
  • Since combustion waste gas of melting burner and holding burner is discharged by pre-heating
    materials of pre-heating chamber, improvement of efficiency of melting was maximized.  
  • Since cold aluminum is not directly input into molten material in complete Dry Hearth melting methods,
    it can maintain accurate temperature control and it can maintain clean molten material.
    because impurities (oil and furnace detachment agent) are completely combusted and separated in Dry Hearth chamber. 
  • You can select up to 100kg ~ 1500kG/hr according to capacity. 


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  1. AL-Continuous Melting Holding Furnace

  2. 경동식 용해로

  3. 복합 경동식 용해보온로

  4. 회전식 용해보온로

  5. 침적식 용해보온로

  6. Mg-용해보온로

  7. AL- 용해 보온로

  8. 열처리로

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